Printing Memories


Told by Elyssa-


I can remember flipping through my baby album countless times as a kid. It’s funny how a bath in the sink or playing in the hose are vivid memories at the time, but without printing your photos, they just become another ordinary moment.

There are some good ones hanging on our picture wall, nearly every time I go down the stairs I stop and reminisce about the beach when I was 6, or the hike when I was 12. The picture wall isn’t for professional photos, just everyday snapshots taken on my mom’s camera.

I remember my childhood through photos, but have also learned about so many others through prints. My mom is very interested in ancestry and we have quite the collection of old photographs. Yellowed and cracked, black and white, Polaroids, negatives, you name it. Photos over 200 years old that I get to hold in my hand and learn a little bit about someone else. Seeing my grandma at 18 and realizing that hey, maybe I do look a little bit like her, or seeing my Great Great Grandfather in his war uniform. These are moments I wouldn’t have known without prints.

Of course, I do print my own photos. I want to cherish the memories I am making now for others to see. I want to hold my youth in my hand when I can no longer see without glasses. So I guess the point is, printing is very important, even for us 18 year olds who have phones and computers. Some things just don’t go out of style.

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