Photo excursion: sunrise photos at Niagara Falls April 22nd

Photographing Niagara Falls is easy and hard at the same time. Its easy to get a quick shot of the Falls…even a selfie on your phone will do it…I see it every time I’m there. its hard to get a good photo, mostly because it is photographed often and by really good photographers.

On April 22nd…really early in the morning Mitchell and I will be taking a few students to photograph Niagara Fall at sunrise. The cost is $150 and includes transportation to the Falls and a Photoshop and Lightroom  lessons afterward at my studio.

The morning Mitchell Brown and I got up and met at six AM. He already knew form past excursions where we should go..it was just a matter of waiting for the sun. To get the water soft and flowing, it’s important to use a slow shutter speed.

This is going to be a great excursion, I’m sure everyone will get a photo suitable for  framed Christmas gifts.

Call today to reserve your spot 905-945-4056



Photo excursion: sunrise photos at Niagara Falls April 22ndadmin