Photo class to Kensington Market May 20th

I’m very excited to be offering more and different classes this year. On April 22nd Mitchell Brown and I took several students to photograph the sunrise in Niagara Falls. It was REALLY early but we all got going at 5AM and everyone got a great shot. We will be doing this excursion again.

On May 20th, we will be taking a bunch of students to Kensington Market in Toronto to do street photography. Mitchell and I went to check things out this past Sunday and had so much fun and I think got some amazing photos.

We will be leaving my studio at 10:30am and getting back around 5:00pm (depending on traffic). We will take a break for lunch that is not included in the price.

Call today if you’d like to join us. 905-945-4056



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Photo class to Kensington Market May 20thadmin