10 Things To Do Before Your Photo Session

10 Things To Do Before Your Photo Session

10 Things To Do Before Your Photo Session 2560 1709 Bryan Macaulay

Hello again, welcome back!

One question I’ve been getting often this year is “what should I do before my session to get ready?”. 

I know this is a very broad question; but I’ve been getting it often!

So, I thought I would share some of my biggest tips here with you. 

  1. Pick your outfits out ahead of time and make sure they are clean
  2. Practice your hair & makeup 
  3. If you need a haircut / colour I would recommend doing this at least 2 weeks before for laddies & for men about 3-5 days before your photoshoot.
  4. Gather any props you might need (or ask your photographer if they have the props you are looking for
  5. Eat, Drink, and rest the day of your session
  6. Only bring the Necessities – don’t over do it – BUT Bring a change of clothes for the kids, because life happens
  7. Depending on what type of shoot you are having & for the men out there – shave the night before
  8. Pre-plan your locations, know where you are meeting & what the plan is so that you can wear…
  9. Appropriate footwear. Heels aren’t ideal if you are going to be hiking! Know where you are going and what will be appropriate. 
  10. Communicate with your photographer about any questions / concerns and then RELAX this is meant to be a fun experience! 

I hope this helps you prepare for your next photoshoot! 📸


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