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Ready To Show Up With Confidence?

Ready To Show Up With Confidence? 1704 1412 Bryan Macaulay

Get noticed and get respect by showing up online as a confident professional.

The pandemic changed the world in every way possible. 
The order of the world before 2020 will not come back. 
The “OLD” way of showing up at work and how we interact with others has changed drastically. 
Virtual meetings or online video conferencing is the “New Normal.” 
And it is not going to go back to the “old way” in the near future.

But not everybody is adapting to the “New Normal” successfully.You don’t want to make embarrassing mistakes in front of your clients or your prospects…

What is the cost of presenting yourself badly in virtual meetings? 

  • Become a running joke…
  • Humiliation…
  • Loss of respect…
  • ​Not taken seriously…
  • ​ Loss of credibility…
  • ​Loss of trust…
  • ​Even loss of potential business opportunities from new (even old) clients.
  • Loss of MONEY

New Challenges Require New Knowledge And Skills 

What Other Professionals Have To Say About “Show Up With Confidence” Training

The Transformation You Can Expect After Completing “Show Up With Confidence”

Fall Photoshoot Locations in Niagara!

Fall Photoshoot Locations in Niagara! 1200 960 Bryan Macaulay

It has been a long time since I have updated my Favourite Fall Location list for all of you! 

In case you didn’t already know, Fall is my favourite time to photograph families. 

Not only are the Fall colours so vibrant and beautiful. But seeing families wrap up in sweaters and blankets and spend an afternoon together outdoors is so special. 

I remember, when my daughters were young. We would go hiking as a family, sometimes my parents would come too. The girls would be running miles ahead of us and my parents trying to keep up to them. We would take breaks, sit down on a log along the path while the girls played in the fall leaves. 

All of our rosey cheeks and foggy breath. I would have my backpack filled with a thermos of hot chocolate for everyone to share when we got to our picnic spot. 

Doesn’t this just sound so picture perfect? 

Of course, my dad and I both had our cameras with us and captured as many photos as my mom would let us! She rarely liked to be in front of the camera, but she would do anything Lindsay asked her to. 

But enough of me rambling about why Fall is my favourite, and lets get to the best locations to photograph in Niagara this Fall! 

  1. Puddicombe Estate

Now, most of you already know this is my favourite spot to go. But, what you might not know is that this location looks different EVERY TIME I photograph here. Unlike most locations, this Estate has SO many different opportunities for photographs that it never gets old. 

  1. Vineland Experimental Station 

This is a great location to take photographs at all times of the year. It may seem like it doesn’t get much colour in the fall but you’ve got to know where to look! The biggest benefit of this location is that there is minimal walking which is a huge factor for those with mobility limitations. 

  1. Beamers Falls

I get so many requests to photograph at Beamers Falls during the cooler months. The colours of this location are breathtaking. This location does have quite a bit of walking/hiking & is a public location and is very busy… keep this in mind when planning your shoot. 

  1. Anywhere that Is meaningful to you

This is a big one for me. I always have my favourite locations to photograph, however… if you have somewhere special to you and your family then that is where you should take your photographs. 

Maybe it’s where you got married and now you have children & you want to showcase the growth of your family. Maybe it’s where you got engaged and 30 years later you want to go back there and remember those memories. Wherever you have memories that are important to you, go there. Thats what makes photography so special. Capturing moments that share a story & make memories that last a life time. 

If you have any suggestions or recommendations for photo locations I would love to hear them! Comment below, your favourite photo location! 

P.S. Conservation Areas charge a fee for photographs and haven’t been included in this list, although they are beautiful ☺️

Phase 2 – June 30th 2021

Phase 2 – June 30th 2021 2000 1335 Bryan Macaulay

Here we goooooo!! 🎉🥳

We are thrilled to announce that our doors will be open in phase 2 of Ontario’s re-opening plan!

We can’t wait to see all of our clients coming into the studio again!

As we move into stage 2… some things will be staying the same …. and some things will be changing, so listen closely!

Whats new!

Like we did in March… I am only seeing 1 client in the studio at a time.

When I am photographing in the studio, I will lock the door so that you have a completely safe experience without interruptions or contact with any other client.

If you arrive at the studio and the door is locked, we kindly ask you to wait outside where our 6ft markers are, or come back another time.

All photo shoots require an appointment – that includes passports / ID photos & business portraits as my schedule is very busy, and the odds of me already being in an appointment are high! I will add a list of my online booking pages at the end of this post.

After your photoshoot, we will send you an ONLINE gallery to view and order your photos… however we are able to offer in-studio sales by request.

I will continue to use my pick up and drop off box for dropping off and picking up orders to make everything a little easier. We ask that you just let us know when you plan on coming by so we can hopefully see you in person, or put your order out front for you.

Our online store is BRAND NEW and totally re-vamped! You are able to order prints AND frames online for pick up – usually next day… but we will contact you when your order is ready!

Whats the same!

We are still offering in store shopping for frames and photo albums.

All in-studio portraits will be available.

Online booking pages

Passport & ID Photo

Business Portrait – In-Studio or On-Location

In-Studio Graduation

Outdoor Graduation & Family Shoot

We can’t wait to see you!!

If you have any questions, we are just a phone call away 😊

Phase 1 – June 14th 2021

Phase 1 – June 14th 2021 2560 1709 Bryan Macaulay

With Phase 1 comes new and exciting things!

We are so excited to officially announce that we are able to photograph OUTDOORS in Phase 1! 🎉

With that being said, we of course have to follow social distancing guidelines as well as other restrictions in place.

We are able to photograph groups of up to 9 people from the same household.

I am going to stress this one more time ….From the Same Household…. because in pictures, there is no way to social distance from one another!

Please see the list below for all of the services I am able to offer.

Click the links and book your appointment today!

I can’t wait to see you!😊

Perfect Outdoor Zoom Meetings

Perfect Outdoor Zoom Meetings 1152 1152 Bryan Macaulay

Hey, It’s me again!

Back with some quick tips… but this time… tips for working outside!

The weather is beautiful and if you don’t have to work from your office, why would you?! 

I love spending my days outside, but when I’ve got zoom calls all day it can be challenging. 

I still want to show up as a professional, but I also want to enjoy that summer weather! 

First things first… make sure that you are in open shade, rather than direct sunlight. 

This will give a nice glow to your face and avoid squinty eyes! 

The next step is to be sure that you are in a quiet area… there’s nothing worse than the constant background noise of cars/trucks/motorcycles distracting others in your meeting. 

I know how challenging that can be… another great option is to use wireless headphones to ensure that everyone in your meeting can hear you clearly! 

Lastly… don’t forget to consider your privacy! Try to avoid having any other people in your video. 

Thats all for now! 

Enjoy your summer meetings outside ☀️

Fix your Camera Angle

Fix your Camera Angle 2560 1920 Bryan Macaulay

Here there! 

Welcome back… I know its been a while… 

I wanted to take a quick minute to chat about camera angles. 

Recently, I’ve been on a lot of zoom meetings…. Some things I see often are lampshades as hats, double chins…. And sooooo many nose hairs… 🙅🏻‍♂️

I have a super quick tip I want to share with you all… so we can finally put an end to the embarrassment!

Lift your camera / computer / phone just a little bit higher… you want it to be in line with your eye level or just slightly above. 

Yep… thats it! It’s that simple. 

This quick tip will help with all 3 problems I mentioned earlier!

Let me know how that works for you… and just remember im just a phone call away if you need any other help 😊 

Niagara Wedding Photography Tips!

Niagara Wedding Photography Tips! 1500 2247 Bryan Macaulay

Hey there, its so nice to meet you! I’m Bryan.

I’ve created some wedding photography tips and tricks that would be perfect for you!  But what do I know anyways?

I have been an active Wedding Photographer across the Niagara Region for over 30 years…..

I wouldn’t call myself an “expert”, however I do know a thing or two! If you don’t believe me; one of my past brides left me this lovely message last week –

“ 100% recommend Bryan. I am NOT photogenic… blink? That would be normal, I blink in pictures with only one eye! He had his work cut out for him. Our pictures were incredible! I still sit and look through them regularly, almost 12 years later!”

Are you recently engaged? 

Getting married soon?

Know someone getting married soon? 

How about someone who is just recently engaged? 

Keep reading for 11 tips & tricks that I’ve learned from years of experience & the hundreds of weddings I’ve photographed!

  1. I like it when couples just “drop in” to ask about wedding photography….it shows them what I do & what my studio is like when they drop in unexpectedly.

2. Get to know your photographer….be sure that you “click” (sorry for the pun) with their personality. 

3. I always want to do an engagement photo shoot for my couples. It gives us a change to get to know each other & the style of photos they like. I also get to see if they blink in photos before the wedding day! (don’t want to mess that up!)

4. If you or you fiancee blink often in photos….look just above the lens, rather than into it….it will fix the problem 70% of the time! (super helpful!)

5. I always tell my couples to relax during photoshoots….be playful…enjoy the day….those real expressions are what its all about! 

6. Did I mention – get to know your photographer?! This is the most important thing! You have to feel comfortable with the person taking the photographs….the worst is to meet at the wedding & introduce yourself that day!

7. I (personally) always start my “formal” shots with parents and families…especially grand parents! It is so important to get these photographs. It makes them feel special on a day when they are often forgot about. I do them first so that the parents can get back to taking care of the guests…they’re always welcome to stay…but they often have things to do for the bride and groom. 

8. I love relaxed and natural posing for wedding couples….you still need to have direction, but it doesn’t have to “look posed”. 

9. The only way to get great candid phots at the reception is for the photographer to make things happen! One of my past weddings…I got into the middle of the dance floor – laid down on my back (with a wide angle lens) & spun myself around  just to get the perfect shot of the wedding party leaning over me! (of course – this was pre- COVID)

10. Don’t pay everything up front! This seems odd, but I always have the final payment due when my couples pickup their digital photos. This gives me a chance to ensure the couple is happy with the photos before they make a final payment!

11. Always hire a professional photographer for your wedding! Most photographers have different price points and options to choose from. Friends are NOT ideal for many reasons… but in my experience you could not only lose the wedding photos or not be happy with them….you could very likely lose a friend.

Feel free to share these tips and tricks with your friends, your family or anyone you know getting married soon.

If you have any questions about wedding photography, I am just a phone call away!

Passport photos

Passport photos 1340 876 Bryan Macaulay

Hey guys, I’m excited to let you know that we now have an online booking page so that you can book your passport photo appointment. It’s so easy just click the link and follow the prompts.

Why shoud I print my photos?

Why shoud I print my photos? 1200 1800 Bryan Macaulay

Why should I print photos?

There are so many reasons to print your memories. Let me start with a backup…I remember talking with my IT guy and he said to me that a photograph is a very cheap backup of your photos…if your hard drive goes….or your cloud system has a “glitch” I can always scan the photo to get you back.

Many times I have said to customers that photos that are just on a storage device are very much like slides from the early 1970’s…unless you printed a slide….you almost never got to see the photo….it is the same with digital images on a storage device….odds are you have hundreds if not more of photos that you forget you have!

You also get to enjoy the photos so much more when they are printed…i have many customers who decorate their home with large canvas’s of trips they have done…or wedding images or like me, I have my kids all over my house at different stages as they grew into adult.

People tell me that it is too expensive to print…well…in 1989 I charged $9.99 to develop every photo on a roll of 24 from 35mm….that’s 0.41 per print…and you pay for everything…today you choose what to print and I charge 0.39 per print or $28 per hundred…significantly less that 1989!

I had a lovely new mom in for my babie’s first year portrait progam…she came in for her second session and when it came time to buy additional photo or files, I asked if she wanted to get just the digitals, same as lst time?….she said no way…they are still sitting on her computer and she has done nothing with them!

5 Reasons to print your photos…

A photo’s purpose is far from finished once the shutter has been pressed — after all, if we never really look at our images, then what are they for? Digital technology has made photography easier, allowing photographers to go ahead and take dozens of images to nail the perfect shot.

Photographs are irreplaceable.

Once you take an image, you can’t capture that exact same second in time again. Sure, you may be able to imitate a landscape photo again, but even with landscapes, changes in the weather and seasons means that second image won’t be the same as the first. This is especially true for images of people — we’re constantly growing up, growing old and changing in other subtle ways. An image’s irreplaceable nature only increases with time.

Print your photos because, if you lose those photos, you can’t replace them.

Images aren’t meant to be temporary.

— if you never print your photos, you’re only enjoying them temporarily while they circulate your feeds. Printing your photos is like moving from a bouquet to a potted plant — they’ll be around much longer. (Of course, the metaphor only goes so far, it’s pretty hard to forget to water your pictures, so chances are, your printed photos will last way longer than the fern wilting on your windowsill).

Print your photos because, in electronic form, pictures are only temporary enjoyment.

You don’t truly see an image until you see it in print.

An image on a screen and an image on paper or canvas are entirely different. Yes, the same details will be there, but the quality of an image is best on a print. That’s when the true colours surface, when the details are easy to spot, and when you stop being distracted by the backlit glare of a screen.

Print your pictures because, on paper, you can truly see your images.

Printed images don’t suffer from hard drive failures.

Loosing images from a hard drive failure is devastating. Sure, you should also back up photos on cloud storage, but creating prints is one more layer of protection from loosing those memories. Printed photos aren’t hacked, accidentally formatted or lost in a technical failure.

Print your photos because the digital files may not always be there.

Printing images forces you to analyze the shots to find the best one.

As great as printed photos are, you’re not going to print every single image. That negates the benefits of digital, where you don’t have to pay to hold a bad photo, but only the best ones. Printing your photo automatically forces to to take a closer look at your work when choosing the images to make the final cut into print. Analyzing our own work is something photographers should do often to grow, but it’s something we often forget to do.

Print your photos because your future photos will be even better because of it.

Where should we go for our family photos?

Where should we go for our family photos? 2560 1709 Bryan Macaulay

I get that question a lot. Here are my top five spots in the Grimsby area and why I like them.

  1. Puddicombe Farms… I go here during every season and what I love about Puddicombe’s is the variety that I can give you without walking all over. I can photograph you and a friend at the same place and not have your photos look like your buddy’s.
  2. Grimsby Pump house…This a great one of Grimsby’s parks. There is a natural wooded area beside the 40 mile creek that is beautiful.
  3. 50 Point…This also a great place….they do charge to get in but it is very nice. A bit more walking and not as much variety as some other places but still one of my favorites.
  4. Balls Falls…There are a lot of great spots here, more walking but very rustic buildings…nice wooded areas and many times of the year a nice little water falls. Again they do have a fee to get out.
  5. Vineland Experimental farm (University of Guelph)…this is a great place, I have photographed many weddings and families here over the years. Not as much walking as Balls Falls.

Print your photos online!

It’s easy! Just upload and order!


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