10 Things To Do Before Your Photo Session

10 Things To Do Before Your Photo Session 2560 1709 Bryan Macaulay

Hello again, welcome back!

One question I’ve been getting often this year is “what should I do before my session to get ready?”. 

I know this is a very broad question; but I’ve been getting it often!

So, I thought I would share some of my biggest tips here with you. 

  1. Pick your outfits out ahead of time and make sure they are clean
  2. Practice your hair & makeup 
  3. If you need a haircut / colour I would recommend doing this at least 2 weeks before for laddies & for men about 3-5 days before your photoshoot.
  4. Gather any props you might need (or ask your photographer if they have the props you are looking for
  5. Eat, Drink, and rest the day of your session
  6. Only bring the Necessities – don’t over do it – BUT Bring a change of clothes for the kids, because life happens
  7. Depending on what type of shoot you are having & for the men out there – shave the night before
  8. Pre-plan your locations, know where you are meeting & what the plan is so that you can wear…
  9. Appropriate footwear. Heels aren’t ideal if you are going to be hiking! Know where you are going and what will be appropriate. 
  10. Communicate with your photographer about any questions / concerns and then RELAX this is meant to be a fun experience! 

I hope this helps you prepare for your next photoshoot! 📸


How to take photos in the snow

How to take photos in the snow 2560 1709 Bryan Macaulay


Welcome Back!

Professional snow photos online always look so beautiful, but when you take photos of snow they turn out blue or just dull. 
Is this you? 

Don’t worry, I have a SIMPLE solution for you! 

All you have to do is adjust your exposure & white balance! These two things will get you that crisp white snow you are looking for.

For most cameras; setting your white balance somewhere between 6000-8000 should do the trick.


This is something that you are going to have to play with on your camera specifically, until you get to that bright white you are looking for!

For your exposure… Choosing a fast shutter speed, somewhere between f/1.2 – f/4. This will freeze snowflakes in mid-air, capturing very small and specific details.

If you are looking for more nature and everything in focus rather than just small details…you will want to set your shutter speed (aperture) between f/8 – f/16. 

I have attached a quick little video to show you where these settings can be found – specifically for the camera that I use everyday; DSLR Nikon D750.

If you are using your iPhone to take some snowy pics… these settings are in very different places. I have included a video to assist you with these settings for iPhones specifically as well. 


Don’t forget to share your snowy photos with me!

I can’t wait to see them 😊 


Clothing Tips for the whole family

Clothing Tips for the whole family 150 150 Bryan Macaulay

Friends, I am so glad you keep coming back to see me!

I am here to talk about my most frequently asked question… what should we wear?!

I get this question, specifically about family photoshoots. However, these tips can be used for almost any type of photoshoot!

So… lets get into it!

  1. Don’t over complicate it… take a look in your closets and home and see what you’ve got
  2. Choose coordinating colours. This does not mean go completely matchy matchy & please don’t go jeans and white t-shirts like we did in the early 2000’s. Coordinating colours just means wear similar colours and colour tones. A few colours I see often that go well together are neutrals / nudes, blues and pastel colours. Generally start by select two main colours and then add softer tones to it. By selecting a simple colour scheme and putting colours together that complement each other, you can get a more natural look. 
  3. Take a look at your home decor and colour scheme within your home. Often, you will want to display your photos within your home so be sure that your outfit colour scheme doesn’t clash with your home decor. 
  4. Keep location in mind  – where are you having your photos taken? This could change what you plan on wearing! Is it warm or cold out? Will you be going with a beachy theme or a hiking theme in the forest. Keep this in mind when choosing your outfits. 
  5. Wear something that is YOU. Wear something that you are comfortable in and something you love. This goes for your kids too… if they aren’t comfortable or don’t like their outfit… they likely won’t be happy during the photoshoot (no one wants that!!)
  6. Avoid distracting patterns and big logos. I know we all love Nike, Lulu, Roots etc.. but it doesn’t mean we need that to be the centre of the photo. Stick to subtle patters and small or no logos. 
  7. Avoid white tops. When you look at images your eye will always go the the brightest part of the image. The focus should be on your faces and expression, avoid wearing pure white tops as it will draw away that attention of your face. Cream is a better option!

If you are like me, I just throw on some pants and a top and im good to go!

Its the laddies that always want to know what to wear and how they should look.

For you gentlemen out there, I am going to give you a piece of advice you don’t hear often. 

When your partner asks you how they look in their outfit.. BE HONEST.

If it doesn’t look perfect or things are out of place or it doesn’t match with everyone else, tell them.

Maybe suggest everyone brings another outfit and let the photographer help you!

If you ever have any questions or want advice before your photoshoot, I am always happy to help 😊

See you again soon,


Top photoshoot ideas 2022

Top photoshoot ideas 2022 1279 1330 Bryan Macaulay

Hello friends! 

I’ve got a super fun list of photoshoot ideas for you this year! 

Some of these photoshoots could be here with me at the studio or another local photographer & some of these ideas are for YOU to get out and take some photographs yourself. 

I am going to take you through the seasons that include some of my favourite photoshoots that will be on almost every “top photoshoot” list and some will be super trendy styles that everyone is loving right now. 

So let’s get into it. 

Winter Candid Photoshoots 

This can be as simple as taking your camera outside while your family is shovelling the snow or playing on your homemade ice rink. Or as elaborate as getting the whole family dressed up and out to a secluded wintery location to hav your photos taken. 
The importance of this photoshoot is to make memories. We JUST had the biggest snowfall in a long time… actually record breaking snowfall… did you get out and play as a family? Did you take photos to remember these moments? You absolutely should! 

Water Drops 

As the snow starts to melt; the world gets a little louder. People come out of “hibernation”, things get wet and drippy. 
If you are like me, I LOVE this time of year. I find it so mesmerizing to just sit and listen and watch the water drip off the trees. 
Take this time to find some stillness and enjoy the little things. 
Take out your camera and capture these little moments… try and catch the water dripping through the air OR the bounce it creates once it hits the ground. 

Capture the Season 

As spring is arriving and the summer air is near… 
Get out there and photograph the seasons changing. This is when you will see the colours begging to change, flowers budding, the trees beginning to bloom…. 
Once those blossoms arrive… family photographs are an all time favourite! The soft pinks turn out so beautiful every time. They make a beautiful background to any family photo collection! 

Photograph Silhouettes 

Photographing silhouettes works the best at sunrise or sunset when the Sun is low on the horizon. During this time, called golden hour, the light is diffused, the shadows are soft, and contrast is low.
This is the perfect time to photograph silhouettes. I recommend these photos during the summer when the sun is out much later!
The light source doesn’t need to be the Sun, because any bright light source will work – window in a dark room or street lights and expose for the sky/background, while keeping your subject dark.
Place your subject of choice between yourself and the light source to get the best outcome. 

Photograph Emotions 

As a professional photographer for over 30 years, this is still one of the trickiest things to do. 
Getting clients, friends and family to relax and be natural in front of the camera. To be real and show emotions like love, laughter, surprise is one of the challenges I face every time I am behind the camera. 
I encourage you to try and capture these emotions when you are taking photos as well. 

Photograph a walk 

As the seasons change and that cool fall air starts to arrive … Hiking is one of my favourite activities!! 
Getting out and moving, hearing the crunch of the fall leaves beneath your feet… 
If you’re out alone, try landscape or macro photography. 
If you take someone (a model) with you, try photographing them as you walk.
Often people are uncomfortable with being photographed and that really shows in the photos, but a walk might change that.
As you walk, both you and your model will relax, and your photos will look better.

Couple Photoshoot at different times of day 

Couple photoshoots are a HUGE trend right now & I am loving it!! 
These can be simple and showing your persoanlity as a couple. Maybe take your photographer on a typical date that you and your partner go on. Or maybe try something a little different like a skating shoot or a steamy valentines session!
If you only photograph once a day, you’ll only capture a fracture of the entire day. 
So, why not have several photo shoots throughout the day and then you can choose the photo that looks the best?
Alternatively, if you like more photos, you can create a collage or a photo series. 

Fall Family Photoshoots 

Fall Photoshoots are always a family favourite! 
The colours are beautiful… the photos can be posed or candid. Imagine playing with the leaves and looking through a pumpkin patch as a family. 
Just so much fun!

There are so many wonderful photoshoot options at all times of the year, these are just a few of my favourites that I will be doing this coming year. 
When it comes to photography; I’d recommend getting out and taking photos as much as you can! No one has ever said “I have too many photos”. I’ve only ever heard the opposite. 

So get out there, take the photos and be sure that YOU get photographed as well. Don’t hide behind that camera, come on out and get in front of that lens at least once a year 😉 


How to Pose During Your Photo Session

How to Pose During Your Photo Session 150 150 Bryan Macaulay

Hello friends! 

I see families and couples all the time and as we are getting ready to take the family shot, they ask “how do I pose”? 

My answer is always the same… just be yourself! 

Its that simple. When you are hanging out with friends, out on a date or even just sitting on a park bench by yourself. We pose. All the time. 

We sit or stand in a way that makes us feel comfortable, and natural. 

When being photographed, thats exactly how you want to look!

So why over think it? 

Because everyone wants to look good or look a certain way. 

Well, the good news for you… is that I can help with that!

I always have a few tips to make you look more natural during your photos and I will pull them out when I need to. But more often than not; just being yourself does the trick!

I was photographing a young couple… both are very fit… 

I accidentally photographed the young women looking quite heavy… 

So I asked her to change her pose, just a little… 

and showed her the difference between the two. 

Its very interesting how something so small can make such a difference.  

So overall, just be yourself and act natural. Leave the rest, up to the professionals 😉 


Favourite Locations in Grimsby for Spring Photos

Favourite Locations in Grimsby for Spring Photos 150 150 Bryan Macaulay

Grimsby & surrounding areas are so beautiful at all times of the year, but especially in the spring. 

There is something so special about the crisp but slightly warm air. The subtle colours trying to come out, and all of the wildlife coming out of hibernation. 

My hope is that during this season, you take the time to get out and take some photos. 

Find the hidden gems and share them with me! I don’t get the chance to get out as much as I’d like to… but when I do I love every minute of it. 

Here are a few of my favourite places to photograph clients during this time of year for some pops of colour. 

Puddicombe farms

You may think that they are my “go to” place and they are because they look fabulous in every season. We have been friends for many years and I get exclusive access to locations that no one else gets to go! This makes for some pretty spectacular photos. 

Balls Falls

This is a wonderful spot for family photos. They do charge for photographers use during their prime seasons, however… their trails, old buildings and array of natural landscape makes taking pictures here so exciting! There is always something new to look at and so many great “spots” to take pictures. 

Pump House 

The grimsby pump house may seem like an unusual location to some; but for me… I see opportunity! There are some great structures, like the gazebo and the building to use, as well as the natural forest area and the lake to use as backdrops. 
Especially in the spring time when all of the leaves are starting to pop, really makes this location a favourite!

Now, if you are looking to take some nature photos yourself, I also have some great locations for you listed below!

Bruce Trail

I LOVE going on morning hikes with Brooke before work. This is the best time to get out, clear your mind and get yourself moving before the day begins. During the spring time, I love taking my camera with me to capture the little things. I bring out my Macro lens and get on the ground and photograph the little buds popping out of the ground and get up on a rock and focus in on an individual bud on a tree branch. The things to photograph at the Bruce Trail are endless! 
* I haven’t included this in my family photo list – only because it is generally busy and hard to get photos without strangers passing by!

Kelson Beach 

Honestly, I’ve never been one to photograph much at the beach. I’m just not a beachy person. But I do love to get out at least 1 EARLY morning in the spring and photograph the mist coming off the lake as the sun rises down at Kelson Beach. There is an old *broken* pier that makes this location unique and different from all of the other beaches in niagara. 
* This location could be used for family portraits if you love the beach! I would recommend spring; as this beach gets pretty busy during the summer months. 

Your garden / backyard!

Why leave the house if you don’t have to, right?! 
If you have some gardens at your house, maybe a bird bath… how about some trees? 
Then you have everything you need to get those beautiful spring shots right there in your own backyard! 

If you have any questions along the way, I am always here to help!

Happy shooting 📸

Ready To Show Up With Confidence?

Ready To Show Up With Confidence? 1704 1412 Bryan Macaulay

Get noticed and get respect by showing up online as a confident professional.

The pandemic changed the world in every way possible. 
The order of the world before 2020 will not come back. 
The “OLD” way of showing up at work and how we interact with others has changed drastically. 
Virtual meetings or online video conferencing is the “New Normal.” 
And it is not going to go back to the “old way” in the near future.

But not everybody is adapting to the “New Normal” successfully.You don’t want to make embarrassing mistakes in front of your clients or your prospects…

What is the cost of presenting yourself badly in virtual meetings? 

  • Become a running joke…
  • Humiliation…
  • Loss of respect…
  • ​Not taken seriously…
  • ​ Loss of credibility…
  • ​Loss of trust…
  • ​Even loss of potential business opportunities from new (even old) clients.
  • Loss of MONEY

New Challenges Require New Knowledge And Skills 

What Other Professionals Have To Say About “Show Up With Confidence” Training

The Transformation You Can Expect After Completing “Show Up With Confidence”

Fall Photoshoot Locations in Niagara!

Fall Photoshoot Locations in Niagara! 1200 960 Bryan Macaulay

It has been a long time since I have updated my Favourite Fall Location list for all of you! 

In case you didn’t already know, Fall is my favourite time to photograph families. 

Not only are the Fall colours so vibrant and beautiful. But seeing families wrap up in sweaters and blankets and spend an afternoon together outdoors is so special. 

I remember, when my daughters were young. We would go hiking as a family, sometimes my parents would come too. The girls would be running miles ahead of us and my parents trying to keep up to them. We would take breaks, sit down on a log along the path while the girls played in the fall leaves. 

All of our rosey cheeks and foggy breath. I would have my backpack filled with a thermos of hot chocolate for everyone to share when we got to our picnic spot. 

Doesn’t this just sound so picture perfect? 

Of course, my dad and I both had our cameras with us and captured as many photos as my mom would let us! She rarely liked to be in front of the camera, but she would do anything Lindsay asked her to. 

But enough of me rambling about why Fall is my favourite, and lets get to the best locations to photograph in Niagara this Fall! 

  1. Puddicombe Estate

Now, most of you already know this is my favourite spot to go. But, what you might not know is that this location looks different EVERY TIME I photograph here. Unlike most locations, this Estate has SO many different opportunities for photographs that it never gets old. 

  1. Vineland Experimental Station 

This is a great location to take photographs at all times of the year. It may seem like it doesn’t get much colour in the fall but you’ve got to know where to look! The biggest benefit of this location is that there is minimal walking which is a huge factor for those with mobility limitations. 

  1. Beamers Falls

I get so many requests to photograph at Beamers Falls during the cooler months. The colours of this location are breathtaking. This location does have quite a bit of walking/hiking & is a public location and is very busy… keep this in mind when planning your shoot. 

  1. Anywhere that Is meaningful to you

This is a big one for me. I always have my favourite locations to photograph, however… if you have somewhere special to you and your family then that is where you should take your photographs. 

Maybe it’s where you got married and now you have children & you want to showcase the growth of your family. Maybe it’s where you got engaged and 30 years later you want to go back there and remember those memories. Wherever you have memories that are important to you, go there. Thats what makes photography so special. Capturing moments that share a story & make memories that last a life time. 

If you have any suggestions or recommendations for photo locations I would love to hear them! Comment below, your favourite photo location! 

P.S. Conservation Areas charge a fee for photographs and haven’t been included in this list, although they are beautiful ☺️

Phase 2 – June 30th 2021

Phase 2 – June 30th 2021 2000 1335 Bryan Macaulay

Here we goooooo!! 🎉🥳

We are thrilled to announce that our doors will be open in phase 2 of Ontario’s re-opening plan!

We can’t wait to see all of our clients coming into the studio again!

As we move into stage 2… some things will be staying the same …. and some things will be changing, so listen closely!

Whats new!

Like we did in March… I am only seeing 1 client in the studio at a time.

When I am photographing in the studio, I will lock the door so that you have a completely safe experience without interruptions or contact with any other client.

If you arrive at the studio and the door is locked, we kindly ask you to wait outside where our 6ft markers are, or come back another time.

All photo shoots require an appointment – that includes passports / ID photos & business portraits as my schedule is very busy, and the odds of me already being in an appointment are high! I will add a list of my online booking pages at the end of this post.

After your photoshoot, we will send you an ONLINE gallery to view and order your photos… however we are able to offer in-studio sales by request.

I will continue to use my pick up and drop off box for dropping off and picking up orders to make everything a little easier. We ask that you just let us know when you plan on coming by so we can hopefully see you in person, or put your order out front for you.

Our online store is BRAND NEW and totally re-vamped! You are able to order prints AND frames online for pick up – usually next day… but we will contact you when your order is ready!

Whats the same!

We are still offering in store shopping for frames and photo albums.

All in-studio portraits will be available.

Online booking pages

Passport & ID Photo

Business Portrait – In-Studio or On-Location

In-Studio Graduation

Outdoor Graduation & Family Shoot

We can’t wait to see you!!

If you have any questions, we are just a phone call away 😊

Phase 1 – June 14th 2021

Phase 1 – June 14th 2021 2560 1709 Bryan Macaulay

With Phase 1 comes new and exciting things!

We are so excited to officially announce that we are able to photograph OUTDOORS in Phase 1! 🎉

With that being said, we of course have to follow social distancing guidelines as well as other restrictions in place.

We are able to photograph groups of up to 9 people from the same household.

I am going to stress this one more time ….From the Same Household…. because in pictures, there is no way to social distance from one another!

Please see the list below for all of the services I am able to offer.

Click the links and book your appointment today!

I can’t wait to see you!😊

Print your photos online!

It’s easy! Just upload and order!


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