Clothing Tips for the whole family

Clothing Tips for the whole family

Clothing Tips for the whole family 150 150 Bryan Macaulay

Friends, I am so glad you keep coming back to see me!

I am here to talk about my most frequently asked question… what should we wear?!

I get this question, specifically about family photoshoots. However, these tips can be used for almost any type of photoshoot!

So… lets get into it!

  1. Don’t over complicate it… take a look in your closets and home and see what you’ve got
  2. Choose coordinating colours. This does not mean go completely matchy matchy & please don’t go jeans and white t-shirts like we did in the early 2000’s. Coordinating colours just means wear similar colours and colour tones. A few colours I see often that go well together are neutrals / nudes, blues and pastel colours. Generally start by select two main colours and then add softer tones to it. By selecting a simple colour scheme and putting colours together that complement each other, you can get a more natural look. 
  3. Take a look at your home decor and colour scheme within your home. Often, you will want to display your photos within your home so be sure that your outfit colour scheme doesn’t clash with your home decor. 
  4. Keep location in mind  – where are you having your photos taken? This could change what you plan on wearing! Is it warm or cold out? Will you be going with a beachy theme or a hiking theme in the forest. Keep this in mind when choosing your outfits. 
  5. Wear something that is YOU. Wear something that you are comfortable in and something you love. This goes for your kids too… if they aren’t comfortable or don’t like their outfit… they likely won’t be happy during the photoshoot (no one wants that!!)
  6. Avoid distracting patterns and big logos. I know we all love Nike, Lulu, Roots etc.. but it doesn’t mean we need that to be the centre of the photo. Stick to subtle patters and small or no logos. 
  7. Avoid white tops. When you look at images your eye will always go the the brightest part of the image. The focus should be on your faces and expression, avoid wearing pure white tops as it will draw away that attention of your face. Cream is a better option!

If you are like me, I just throw on some pants and a top and im good to go!

Its the laddies that always want to know what to wear and how they should look.

For you gentlemen out there, I am going to give you a piece of advice you don’t hear often. 

When your partner asks you how they look in their outfit.. BE HONEST.

If it doesn’t look perfect or things are out of place or it doesn’t match with everyone else, tell them.

Maybe suggest everyone brings another outfit and let the photographer help you!

If you ever have any questions or want advice before your photoshoot, I am always happy to help 😊

See you again soon,


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