Fall Photoshoot Locations in Niagara!

Fall Photoshoot Locations in Niagara!

Fall Photoshoot Locations in Niagara! 1200 960 Bryan Macaulay

It has been a long time since I have updated my Favourite Fall Location list for all of you! 

In case you didn’t already know, Fall is my favourite time to photograph families. 

Not only are the Fall colours so vibrant and beautiful. But seeing families wrap up in sweaters and blankets and spend an afternoon together outdoors is so special. 

I remember, when my daughters were young. We would go hiking as a family, sometimes my parents would come too. The girls would be running miles ahead of us and my parents trying to keep up to them. We would take breaks, sit down on a log along the path while the girls played in the fall leaves. 

All of our rosey cheeks and foggy breath. I would have my backpack filled with a thermos of hot chocolate for everyone to share when we got to our picnic spot. 

Doesn’t this just sound so picture perfect? 

Of course, my dad and I both had our cameras with us and captured as many photos as my mom would let us! She rarely liked to be in front of the camera, but she would do anything Lindsay asked her to. 

But enough of me rambling about why Fall is my favourite, and lets get to the best locations to photograph in Niagara this Fall! 

  1. Puddicombe Estate

Now, most of you already know this is my favourite spot to go. But, what you might not know is that this location looks different EVERY TIME I photograph here. Unlike most locations, this Estate has SO many different opportunities for photographs that it never gets old. 

  1. Vineland Experimental Station 

This is a great location to take photographs at all times of the year. It may seem like it doesn’t get much colour in the fall but you’ve got to know where to look! The biggest benefit of this location is that there is minimal walking which is a huge factor for those with mobility limitations. 

  1. Beamers Falls

I get so many requests to photograph at Beamers Falls during the cooler months. The colours of this location are breathtaking. This location does have quite a bit of walking/hiking & is a public location and is very busy… keep this in mind when planning your shoot. 

  1. Anywhere that Is meaningful to you

This is a big one for me. I always have my favourite locations to photograph, however… if you have somewhere special to you and your family then that is where you should take your photographs. 

Maybe it’s where you got married and now you have children & you want to showcase the growth of your family. Maybe it’s where you got engaged and 30 years later you want to go back there and remember those memories. Wherever you have memories that are important to you, go there. Thats what makes photography so special. Capturing moments that share a story & make memories that last a life time. 

If you have any suggestions or recommendations for photo locations I would love to hear them! Comment below, your favourite photo location! 

P.S. Conservation Areas charge a fee for photographs and haven’t been included in this list, although they are beautiful ☺️

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