How to Pose During Your Photo Session

How to Pose During Your Photo Session

How to Pose During Your Photo Session 150 150 Bryan Macaulay

Hello friends! 

I see families and couples all the time and as we are getting ready to take the family shot, they ask “how do I pose”? 

My answer is always the same… just be yourself! 

Its that simple. When you are hanging out with friends, out on a date or even just sitting on a park bench by yourself. We pose. All the time. 

We sit or stand in a way that makes us feel comfortable, and natural. 

When being photographed, thats exactly how you want to look!

So why over think it? 

Because everyone wants to look good or look a certain way. 

Well, the good news for you… is that I can help with that!

I always have a few tips to make you look more natural during your photos and I will pull them out when I need to. But more often than not; just being yourself does the trick!

I was photographing a young couple… both are very fit… 

I accidentally photographed the young women looking quite heavy… 

So I asked her to change her pose, just a little… 

and showed her the difference between the two. 

Its very interesting how something so small can make such a difference.  

So overall, just be yourself and act natural. Leave the rest, up to the professionals đŸ˜‰ 


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