How to take better pictures at the beach 

How to take better pictures at the beach  1000 800 Bryan Macaulay

Hi Friends!

I’m back with more photography tips for you.

If you are planning a family beach day this summer – be sure to follow these quick & simple tips below!

I am going to give you all of the steps to take the BEST photos possible at the beach… These tips work for both on your iPhone and on your DSLR. 

Step 1 is to make sure that your lens is clean & that you have a safe space to store your device when you are not using it. The WORST thing for cameras is water and sand. 

Step 2 is to figure out what you are going to photograph. Make sure that your photos have a focal point and that is the MAIN focus of your photograph. 

Step 3 is to assess your lighting. The sun is very bright and makes your subjects very squinty! The easiest way to correct this is to find a shady tree, or have your subject stand in the shadow of an umbrella. 

That’s it friends. Keep it simple. 

Let me know how your beachy photos turn out! I can’t wait to see them. 


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