How to take photos in the snow

How to take photos in the snow

How to take photos in the snow 2560 1709 Bryan Macaulay


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Professional snow photos online always look so beautiful, but when you take photos of snow they turn out blue or just dull. 
Is this you? 

Don’t worry, I have a SIMPLE solution for you! 

All you have to do is adjust your exposure & white balance! These two things will get you that crisp white snow you are looking for.

For most cameras; setting your white balance somewhere between 6000-8000 should do the trick.


This is something that you are going to have to play with on your camera specifically, until you get to that bright white you are looking for!

For your exposure… Choosing a fast shutter speed, somewhere between f/1.2 – f/4. This will freeze snowflakes in mid-air, capturing very small and specific details.

If you are looking for more nature and everything in focus rather than just small details…you will want to set your shutter speed (aperture) between f/8 – f/16. 

I have attached a quick little video to show you where these settings can be found – specifically for the camera that I use everyday; DSLR Nikon D750.

If you are using your iPhone to take some snowy pics… these settings are in very different places. I have included a video to assist you with these settings for iPhones specifically as well. 


Don’t forget to share your snowy photos with me!

I can’t wait to see them 😊 


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