Newborn must have photos

Newborn must have photos

Newborn must have photos 2560 1709 Bryan Macaulay

Calling all soon to be moms & dads!

First of all, congratulations!! This is such an exciting time in your life. Everything is about to change, for the better of course. 

Once this day arrives, I want to be sure you capture all of the little moments of your time with your newborn. 

Here are a few of photos that you HAVE TO get! These timeless photos are so precious and you only get once chance to get it right. But these photos will always be worth it & last a lifetime. 


This one is number one. This is a time to connect and bond as a new family and capture your love and connection as a family; for your newborn.

Mom & baby/ Dad & baby

I always recommend doing individual photos with your newborn as well as the family.

Having one on one time with your baby is something so special and something everyone absolutely adores 💕

Siblings with baby

If we have siblings, they always get to join in on the fun! During this new phase, siblings can often feel left out… and no one likes that! Let them show you how much they love their new sibling and get in on the photoshoot fun. 

Baby alone in a prop (bucket or wooden bowl)

Now, its all about baby! 

We photograph your little one in a bowl / basket with blankets and different textiles. 

We have a variety of colour options here at the studio, but you are always welcome to bring things that are meaningful to you as well. 

Baby wrapped on the beanbag 

Then we move on to wrapping and swaddling! 

We wrap baby in a variety of different poses and photograph them on our bean bag. 

This is a newer style of baby photography and I think it is just so stunning!

Its the little things

Lastly, we photograph all the little things. 

The tiny fingers & toes are everyones favourite! 

We generally take photos of them by themselves and sometimes even holding mom/dads finger. 

Now, I’ve given you my list… is there any photos you’ve seen that I’m missing? 

I’d love your feedback!


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