Niagara Wedding Photography Tips!

Niagara Wedding Photography Tips!

Niagara Wedding Photography Tips! 1500 2247 Bryan Macaulay

Hey there, its so nice to meet you! I’m Bryan.

I’ve created some wedding photography tips and tricks that would be perfect for you!  But what do I know anyways?

I have been an active Wedding Photographer across the Niagara Region for over 30 years…..

I wouldn’t call myself an “expert”, however I do know a thing or two! If you don’t believe me; one of my past brides left me this lovely message last week –

“ 100% recommend Bryan. I am NOT photogenic… blink? That would be normal, I blink in pictures with only one eye! He had his work cut out for him. Our pictures were incredible! I still sit and look through them regularly, almost 12 years later!”

Are you recently engaged? 

Getting married soon?

Know someone getting married soon? 

How about someone who is just recently engaged? 

Keep reading for 11 tips & tricks that I’ve learned from years of experience & the hundreds of weddings I’ve photographed!

  1. I like it when couples just “drop in” to ask about wedding photography….it shows them what I do & what my studio is like when they drop in unexpectedly.

2. Get to know your photographer….be sure that you “click” (sorry for the pun) with their personality. 

3. I always want to do an engagement photo shoot for my couples. It gives us a change to get to know each other & the style of photos they like. I also get to see if they blink in photos before the wedding day! (don’t want to mess that up!)

4. If you or you fiancee blink often in photos….look just above the lens, rather than into it….it will fix the problem 70% of the time! (super helpful!)

5. I always tell my couples to relax during photoshoots….be playful…enjoy the day….those real expressions are what its all about! 

6. Did I mention – get to know your photographer?! This is the most important thing! You have to feel comfortable with the person taking the photographs….the worst is to meet at the wedding & introduce yourself that day!

7. I (personally) always start my “formal” shots with parents and families…especially grand parents! It is so important to get these photographs. It makes them feel special on a day when they are often forgot about. I do them first so that the parents can get back to taking care of the guests…they’re always welcome to stay…but they often have things to do for the bride and groom. 

8. I love relaxed and natural posing for wedding couples….you still need to have direction, but it doesn’t have to “look posed”. 

9. The only way to get great candid phots at the reception is for the photographer to make things happen! One of my past weddings…I got into the middle of the dance floor – laid down on my back (with a wide angle lens) & spun myself around  just to get the perfect shot of the wedding party leaning over me! (of course – this was pre- COVID)

10. Don’t pay everything up front! This seems odd, but I always have the final payment due when my couples pickup their digital photos. This gives me a chance to ensure the couple is happy with the photos before they make a final payment!

11. Always hire a professional photographer for your wedding! Most photographers have different price points and options to choose from. Friends are NOT ideal for many reasons… but in my experience you could not only lose the wedding photos or not be happy with them….you could very likely lose a friend.

Feel free to share these tips and tricks with your friends, your family or anyone you know getting married soon.

If you have any questions about wedding photography, I am just a phone call away!

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