Perfect Outdoor Zoom Meetings

Perfect Outdoor Zoom Meetings

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Hey, It’s me again!

Back with some quick tips… but this time… tips for working outside!

The weather is beautiful and if you don’t have to work from your office, why would you?! 

I love spending my days outside, but when I’ve got zoom calls all day it can be challenging. 

I still want to show up as a professional, but I also want to enjoy that summer weather! 

First things first… make sure that you are in open shade, rather than direct sunlight. 

This will give a nice glow to your face and avoid squinty eyes! 

The next step is to be sure that you are in a quiet area… there’s nothing worse than the constant background noise of cars/trucks/motorcycles distracting others in your meeting. 

I know how challenging that can be… another great option is to use wireless headphones to ensure that everyone in your meeting can hear you clearly! 

Lastly… don’t forget to consider your privacy! Try to avoid having any other people in your video. 

Thats all for now! 

Enjoy your summer meetings outside ☀️

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