Top photoshoot ideas 2022

Top photoshoot ideas 2022

Top photoshoot ideas 2022 1279 1330 Bryan Macaulay

Hello friends! 

I’ve got a super fun list of photoshoot ideas for you this year! 

Some of these photoshoots could be here with me at the studio or another local photographer & some of these ideas are for YOU to get out and take some photographs yourself. 

I am going to take you through the seasons that include some of my favourite photoshoots that will be on almost every “top photoshoot” list and some will be super trendy styles that everyone is loving right now. 

So let’s get into it. 

Winter Candid Photoshoots 

This can be as simple as taking your camera outside while your family is shovelling the snow or playing on your homemade ice rink. Or as elaborate as getting the whole family dressed up and out to a secluded wintery location to hav your photos taken. 
The importance of this photoshoot is to make memories. We JUST had the biggest snowfall in a long time… actually record breaking snowfall… did you get out and play as a family? Did you take photos to remember these moments? You absolutely should! 

Water Drops 

As the snow starts to melt; the world gets a little louder. People come out of “hibernation”, things get wet and drippy. 
If you are like me, I LOVE this time of year. I find it so mesmerizing to just sit and listen and watch the water drip off the trees. 
Take this time to find some stillness and enjoy the little things. 
Take out your camera and capture these little moments… try and catch the water dripping through the air OR the bounce it creates once it hits the ground. 

Capture the Season 

As spring is arriving and the summer air is near… 
Get out there and photograph the seasons changing. This is when you will see the colours begging to change, flowers budding, the trees beginning to bloom…. 
Once those blossoms arrive… family photographs are an all time favourite! The soft pinks turn out so beautiful every time. They make a beautiful background to any family photo collection! 

Photograph Silhouettes 

Photographing silhouettes works the best at sunrise or sunset when the Sun is low on the horizon. During this time, called golden hour, the light is diffused, the shadows are soft, and contrast is low.
This is the perfect time to photograph silhouettes. I recommend these photos during the summer when the sun is out much later!
The light source doesn’t need to be the Sun, because any bright light source will work – window in a dark room or street lights and expose for the sky/background, while keeping your subject dark.
Place your subject of choice between yourself and the light source to get the best outcome. 

Photograph Emotions 

As a professional photographer for over 30 years, this is still one of the trickiest things to do. 
Getting clients, friends and family to relax and be natural in front of the camera. To be real and show emotions like love, laughter, surprise is one of the challenges I face every time I am behind the camera. 
I encourage you to try and capture these emotions when you are taking photos as well. 

Photograph a walk 

As the seasons change and that cool fall air starts to arrive … Hiking is one of my favourite activities!! 
Getting out and moving, hearing the crunch of the fall leaves beneath your feet… 
If you’re out alone, try landscape or macro photography. 
If you take someone (a model) with you, try photographing them as you walk.
Often people are uncomfortable with being photographed and that really shows in the photos, but a walk might change that.
As you walk, both you and your model will relax, and your photos will look better.

Couple Photoshoot at different times of day 

Couple photoshoots are a HUGE trend right now & I am loving it!! 
These can be simple and showing your persoanlity as a couple. Maybe take your photographer on a typical date that you and your partner go on. Or maybe try something a little different like a skating shoot or a steamy valentines session!
If you only photograph once a day, you’ll only capture a fracture of the entire day. 
So, why not have several photo shoots throughout the day and then you can choose the photo that looks the best?
Alternatively, if you like more photos, you can create a collage or a photo series. 

Fall Family Photoshoots 

Fall Photoshoots are always a family favourite! 
The colours are beautiful… the photos can be posed or candid. Imagine playing with the leaves and looking through a pumpkin patch as a family. 
Just so much fun!

There are so many wonderful photoshoot options at all times of the year, these are just a few of my favourites that I will be doing this coming year. 
When it comes to photography; I’d recommend getting out and taking photos as much as you can! No one has ever said “I have too many photos”. I’ve only ever heard the opposite. 

So get out there, take the photos and be sure that YOU get photographed as well. Don’t hide behind that camera, come on out and get in front of that lens at least once a year 😉 


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