Where should we go for our family photos?

Where should we go for our family photos?

Where should we go for our family photos? 2560 1709 Bryan Macaulay

I get that question a lot. Here are my top five spots in the Grimsby area and why I like them.

  1. Puddicombe Farms… I go here during every season and what I love about Puddicombe’s is the variety that I can give you without walking all over. I can photograph you and a friend at the same place and not have your photos look like your buddy’s.
  2. Grimsby Pump house…This a great one of Grimsby’s parks. There is a natural wooded area beside the 40 mile creek that is beautiful.
  3. 50 Point…This also a great place….they do charge to get in but it is very nice. A bit more walking and not as much variety as some other places but still one of my favorites.
  4. Balls Falls…There are a lot of great spots here, more walking but very rustic buildings…nice wooded areas and many times of the year a nice little water falls. Again they do have a fee to get out.
  5. Vineland Experimental farm (University of Guelph)…this is a great place, I have photographed many weddings and families here over the years. Not as much walking as Balls Falls.

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